ANAM Superplank, ANAM Simpleplank, ANAM Timberplank and ANAM Mahogany plank are ANAM board cement products which are manufactured in certain sizes for external applications such as listplank and sidding plank, besides having all the advantages Anam board also has good weather resistance so it can be applied to exterior.

ANAM Simpleplank is a cement board lisplank that has a flat edge or SE (square edge) shape for a minimalist and economical building.

Seri ANAM Simpleplank

ANAM Superplank is a cement board lisplank that has a bevel type or profile on the edge of the board so that it can beautify the building.

Seri ANAM Superplank

ANAM Timberplankis a cement board lisplank with a wood motif type on the surface of the board, so that it can give a natural wood feel to the building.

Seri ANAM Timberplank

ANAM Mahoni plank is a cement board list plank that is designed to resemble flat wood with a softer material so that it can replace wood board material.

Seri ANAM Mahoniplank