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Fibercement Board Is a board made of a mixture of cement, silica sand, gypsum, cellulose as reinforcement. The advantages of ANAM fiber cement board compared to Plywood and drywall (Gypsum board) 1.Resistant to water, mildew, mildew and moisture 2.Fireproof 3.Termite resistant 4. Stronger (impact resistant) and more durable 5.Asbestos free 6.Smooth surface 7.Soundproof 8.For floor installation 9.Easy and fast in installation

Our Products

  • Cladding Series

    Anam Superpanel is an Anam board cement board product that has all the advantages of Anam board products but has a higher density level so that with a relatively thin thickness it can give the panel characteristics that are strong and weather-resistant.

    Anam Superpanel is very suitable and practical to be used as part of building exteriors or dealing with extreme weather.

  • Deck Series

    Anam Mahogany decks and Anam Super decks have the same function as a deck and to beautify a building, depending on the choices and needs of consumers.

    Anam Mahogany deck is an Anam board product with a wooden surface so that the floor feels and looks like wood.

    Anam Super deck is an Anam board product with camber edges on both sides with a smooth surface.

  • Decorative Series

    Decorative Anam is a cement board product from Anam board that can be used outdoors and indoors and functions as a building decoration to make it look more beautiful. In addition to the designs and sizes that are already available, consumers can order designs that are tailored to the desired size and thickness.

    Anam Decoplank is used for listplank applications to add aesthetic value to the building and make it look more ethnic.

    Anam Deco Motive panel is an innovative product from Anam board that can be used for various applications such as: partitions, ceilings, walls, etc.

    Anam Deco Panel Line is an Anam board product with a striped motif surface that can be applied to walls, partitions, and ceilings. 

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  • Plank and Plint Series

    Anam Superplank, Anam Simpleplank, Anam Timberplank and Anam Mahogany plank are cement board products. Anam board is manufactured with certain sizes for external applications such as list plank and sidding plank, besides having all the advantages Anam board also has good weather resistance so that it can be applied to exterior.