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About Us

The purpose of the establishment of our Company is to participate in the Retail Building Materials Trading Sector, Services, and to be a good intermediary for Principle and Retail Stores. It's not easy, we have felt the ups and downs and we are sure of the experience that has been passed. We are able to become a competent and best DISTRIBUTOR in their field

Our Mission

Becoming a trusted distributor, leading in creating innovative & creative breakthroughs.

Become the mainstay of the Vendor and the choice of the Customer as a Work Partner.

What Makes Us Special
Packaging & Storage

Warehouse Service

Delivery Services

Our Services

Investment planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions
Why choose Us

1. Price stability generates stable profits for customers

2. Delivery speed with the formation of a satellite shop that is ready to work together in terms of stock and delivery in the group's partner network.

3. Efficient and saving human resources on the billing and high risk side. With the COD Trf and GFOD system (photo giro on delivery).

4. Strictly monitor limits for stores that receive credit terms of payment by checking periodically through the system & field update conditions and store status. To avoid bad debts.

Operational Excellence

Continuous Growth

Team of experts

Projects Completed
Years of experience
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